Scientific work

  • In vitro propagation, rapid reproduction and conservation of accessions from vegetative plant species. 
  • Establishment of methodological stages and the complex of factors, enabling the frequently in vitro subcultivation.
  • Study of the factors and conditions for long term conservation and maintenance of in vitro collection.
  • Develop methods for obtaining cell suspendial cultures of plant species from Bulgarian and foreign flora
  • Creation of new wheat varieties using the methods of embryo and anther cultures.


  • In vitro technology for the propagation of potato vine, mint and hops.
  • In vitro technologies for rapid propagation of endemic and endangered medicinal species have been developed.
  • Methodologies for rapid multiplication and rooting of essential oil plants   are studied and optimized. 
  • Suspendial cell cultures from leaves, roots and blossom from Leucoyum  aestivum L., Sideritis scardica L., Glizzirhiza glabra L. etc. are obtained.
  • Original gene pool was established for the purpose of selection and international exchange – in vitro collections
  • Methods for improving genetic diversity of common winter wheat by anther and embrioculture are developed.
  • Two wheat varieties are created through biotechnological methods – variety „Zdravko“ and variety „KM135“