The Botanical garden is specialized unit of the Program of Plant Genetic Resources of IPGR – Sadovo. It was established in 2002 with the main goal the preservation of local resources through in vivo / in garden conservation.

The area of the demonstration collections is 1,1 ha. Up to the present moment 400 higher plant species, native to Bulgarian wild and cultural flora are collected and 63 of the wild species are protected. The species are divided thematically according to the potential use: crops wild relatives, food crops, medical, forage, oil and ornamental species.

The main activities include:

  1. Create and maintain a scientifically organized and documented collection of living plants with wild origin of the flora of Bulgaria for the purposes of the study of PGR, their conservation and sustainable use
  2. Coordination of measures on garden storage with other botanical gardens.
  3. Making connection between the two types of storage – ex situ and in situ / on farm of wild relatives of cultivated plants.
  4. Conservation and educational activities at regional and national level.